The Red Sox must discipline David Price for his treatment of Dennis Eckersley

The Red Sox must discipline David Price for his treatment of Dennis Eckersley

A while back there was a story about an altercation between Price and Eckersley on the team plane. Not much was given other than Price was the one who started it. Price’s reputation didn’t take too much of a hit from that story; seeing how nothing was given.

Now fast forward; yesterday a story from the Boston Globe obtained the details on that flight. It all started when Eckersley was making his way back to his seat in the rear of the plane (he was in the middle of the aircraft where the players are) and David Price was waiting for him, along with other teammates. Once Eckersley started making his way closer to Price, Price shouted “Here he is – the greatest pitcher who ever lived! The game is so easy for him!”. Eckersley tried to speak to Price, but before he could say anything Price shouted “Get the f*ck out of here!”.

You might think that some players, maybe most players, would of thought Price’s treatment to Eckersley was harsh. Apparently that isn’t the case at all; according to the article “Many players applauded Price”. They think Price was the hero in all of this.

It doesn’t end there though; Eckersley again went towards the front of the plane to talk to Dave Dombrowski. Once again, when he passed by David Price he shouted “Get the f*ck out of here!”.

So after this story broke, neither Price or Eckersley have commented on it. The reason, reportedly, behind this altercation is because of Eckersley’s comment on Eduardo Rodriguez’s minor league start; back when he was rehabbing. It wasn’t the best of starts for him, but NESN showed his stats from that start and that’s when Eckersley made his comments. “Yuk!” was the comment that he made on the start, and it seems that Price took it too far.

Now with this story on the altercation out there, Price’s reputation has certainly taken a hit. I’ll admit, Price is standing up for a teammate; I respect that and nothing more. But for you to call him out like that, on the team plane, and to use profanity/insult him like that; that’s not right. The difference between Price’s and Eckersley’s career; one is a Hall of Famer, while the other one can’t seem to win a playoff game if his life depended on it. I’ll let you decide which one fits the other.

Not only is this a bad look for Price; it’s a bad look for the Red Sox as well. Having a player going after an analyst, let alone an analyst who covers your games on television, that’s bad; real bad. Price thinks he’s hot sh*t; going around telling reporters/analyst to “Get the f*ck out of here!”. You definitely don’t want your player doing that kind of stuff; especially if that gets out too.

Now the Red Sox should do one thing; suspend David Price for his actions. It’s only fair; not like were cutting him or sending him back down to the minors (though I wouldn’t mind that option either). Stories aside, we do need him to be out there and win us games. But with this story out there and the media (including myself) criticizing the Sox organization for letting this happen, something has to be done. At most suspended him for 2 starts; giving guys like Pomeraz and Rodriguez to get some playing time. Sure it’s not an actual punishment, but it’s a warning telling players in that clubhouse to act professionally and not be selfish.

Just because he signed a 7 year/$217 million contract with us doesn’t mean he can act like he’s the king of the clubhouse/organization. If anyone is that king it’s Dustin Pedroia, he’s more of a leader than Price will ever be. Even then I’d put Sale over Price as that king because Sale is killing it out there.

Price should apologize to Eckersley also; he’s an analyst, he’s just doing his job. Sure the Boston sports media can be vicious sometimes. But as a player you shouldn’t let us get under your skin and then go off about it. Then we’ll just attack you more; you’re just adding wood to the fire. Price did have an overreaction, though he was defending a teammate he shouldn’t of gone off like that.

If there’s anything to take away from this story; don’t let the media get to you. If it does, use it as fuel/motivation to improve your performance.


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