Should the Celtics trade for Kyrie Irving?

Should the Celtics trade for Kyrie Irving?

It was rumored today the Kyrie is unhappy in Cleveland; wants a bigger role. According to multiple sources around the NBA, Kyrie has requested a trade. His target teams are New York, Miami, Minnesota, and San Antonio. Many were shocked to hear about the rumor; including teammate Lebron James, who according to sources wants the front office to deal with it and to leave him out of it.

Out of the teams he’s listed; Minnesota and San Antonio are the contending team and make the most sense. Obviously the Spurs have been a top tier team in the West for quite some time; showing no signs of slowing down. As for Minnesota, they’re a up and coming team; having Wiggins and Towns on their squad, also acquired Jimmy Butler in a trade during the draft. It’s hard for someone like Kyrie to pass that opportunity up to play for a team like that.

But why would Kyrie want to go to the Western Conference? Yeah it will be competitive and in any case will only make him better with that competition. But what about the rings and the glory? The “cake-walk” through the Eastern Conference? When playoffs come around, you just have to sit back and prepare for the Finals. With Lebron as your teammate and a weak conference; there’s no need to move. On the other hand Kyrie may want to jump ship before the season starts; seeing how Lebron will likely take off and join the Lakers next year. Next year the Cavaliers will just go back to the way they were without Lebron.

Now come the Celtics; treasure cove of draft picks, young talent, newly acquired Gordan Hayward; the Celtics are planning to rule the Eastern Conference once Lebron leaves/retires. The Celtics already have a point-guard unfortunately; Isaiah Thomas. It’s not a bad thing really, but next year his contract expires and he’s expecting a huge contract. Really can’t blame him either; he’s brought back that charisma the Celtics desperately needed for the franchise. Led them to the #1 seed this year and was 3rd in league scoring.

Now where would Kyrie fit in the Celtics scheme. Well for starters, if Kyrie were to be traded to the Celtics, he would have to play at shooting guard. Obviously that’s not his position, but for the mean time that void has yet to be permanently filled since Bradley’s departure. It wouldn’t be much of a change for him either; he would still be the player he is with the shots he takes. His defense can be questioned at that position; only a few in the league that are as good as him in the shooting guard position.

Think about the lineup for the Celtics if they were to trade for him; Hordford, Brown, Hayward, Irving, and Thomas. That would be an All Star lineup (minus Jaylen Brown, sort of).

Now the question would be what would the Celtics have to give up in order to get Kyrie. Well everyone knows that the Brooklyn pick would have to be in there. Most likely the Lakers pick as well, and possibly one or two more picks. Throw Smart/Crowder in that trade; and maybe, just maybe, the Celtics could acquire Kyrie Irving. It is giving up a lot, but Kyrie is young, an All Star, a NBA champion, and very talented; it’s hard to pass up on that.

Right now the Celtics aren’t even on his list as a destination; but with that treasure cove of picks Danny Ainge has, it might be the perfect time to give up that treasure for a guy like Kyrie.


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