Why the Patriots are better than the other Boston teams right now.

Why the Patriots are better than the other Boston teams right now.

In this generation, all of Boston can’t wait for the Patriots to play; let alone have training camp start. But since 2001, the Patriots seemed to have taken over Massachusetts; and rightfully so. They’ve won 5 championships over the last 16 years, been to the playoffs for 14 of those 16 years, and have the best QB/coach duo in the history of the NFL. Before 2001 and back in the 1960’s, it was the Celtics who won 10 NBA titles in 11 years; they were considered Boston’s greatest franchise. Now the Celtics are trying to win another title, but it looks like they might not make it past the first round. Sure we still have the Sox and Bruins, but it took the Red Sox basically 86 years to “reverse the curse” and the Bruins took 40 years to win another one. In the case of the Patriots, they didn’t win their first championship till 2001, and that was their 3rd Super Bowl appearance before that.

So why would I consider the Patriots better than any other Boston franchise right now? Because of their continued success and the titles they’ve won since the Brady/Belichick era. Its just like 1960’s Celtics; 10 championships, they were considered the best sports team in Boston at the time; how could anyone out do their dominance? When the Patriots won their first Super Bowl with Brady, they became a dynasty; 5 Super Bowls in 16 years, more than any team in the NFL during that span. The Steelers won 4 Super Bowls in a 5 year span, but had to wait till 2006 to win their 5th Super Bowl; the Patriots are basically 1 Super Bowl victory away from tying them for the most Super Bowls in NFL history (6), not to mention they could do it in half the time the Steelers did.

Boston has won 10 championships since the Patriots won in 2001; Patriots with 5, Red Sox with 3, and the Celtics and Bruins with 1. The Patriots have ruled Boston sports for quite some time; it has more championships than the other 3 sports teams combined. If you were to compare all time championships, then the Patriots would be at the bottom of that list and the Celtics would be towering over them with their 17 championships.  But since we’re talking about our generation, its no secret that the Patriots rule Boston. The other Boston franchises have either gotten into the playoffs and knocked out, or just didn’t have the personal to make it into the playoffs. That’s what happened with the Celtics and Bruins; they didn’t win till 2008 (Celtics) and 2011 (Bruins), by then the Patriots already had 3 championships to their name. The Red Sox, on the other hand, have won 3 championships during that span, then the following year the Patriots won their 4th.

The Patriots have continued their dominance in the NFL since 2001, the other Boston teams have bounced in and out of the playoffs. That’s not to say that they’re terrible, but the Patriots have been consistent and flat out just kicked everyone’s a** in the league every year. They continue to attract fans more and more every season with their success over the past 2 decades; the others attract more attention when they have a championship team in place. Other than that, the others don’t make much noise than the Patriots do.

Once Brady retires, then maybe there might be a switch depending on which Boston sports team is doing the best right now. As long as the Patriots continue their success, they won’t be dethroned as the best in Boston for a while.


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