Red Sox wrap up (4/11-4/17)

Red Sox wrap up (4/11-4/17)

After a sick flu weekend at Detroit, the Red Sox seemed to get back on track; splitting the series with Baltimore, winning the postponed game against the Pirates, and taking the series against Tampa Bay 3-1. The Red Sox are 9-5 after that and are currently in 3rd place behind the Yankess and Baltimore. There’s a lot to go through, but here are a quick recaps of the series.


Baltimore series:

4/11: The first game seemed to put the Red Sox batting back into rhythm; Pedroia leading the Sox in scoring with 4 RBIs. Benintendi, Ramirez, and Sandoval also contributed RBIs to the Red Sox. The star, however, went to Drew Pomeranz; who came off the DL and started his first game. He went for 6.0 inning, allowing 1 hit and 1 ER, and striking out 6. It was a strong performance by him and after he left the bullpen went right to work; allowing only one hit in 3 innings. Red Sox win this game 8-1.

4/12: The next game was the opposite; Baltimore’s bats came alive that game. From a pitching perspective, Stephen Wright was having a nightmare. He pitched for 1.1 innings, allowed 8 hits and 8 runs; 4 of those being HRs. After that the bullpen quickly came in, but couldn’t stop the bleeding; giving up 5 more runs between 3 pitchers that came in. As for the Red Sox batting, Bogarts and Sandoval led the way; Sandoval hitting a HR in this game in the 4th inning. But none of that helped as the Orioles went on to crush the Red Sox 12-5.


Pittsburgh Game:

4/13: Last week this game got postponed to 4/13 due to the weather conditions in Boston. This game came alive in the 8th inning for the Red Sox, scoring 3 to help them win the game 4-3. It was Hanley Ramirez who helped tie this game with a double and Bogarts who singled into center field to drive Hanley home. On the mound was Eduardo Rodriguez who pitched 5.1 inning, allowing 4 hits and 3 runs, but striking out 8 batters. The bullpen did it’s job and allowed the Red Sox to mount a comeback towards the end.


Tampa Bay series:

4/14: Another rusty start for Porcello in this game; he pitched for only 4.1 innings allowing 8 hits and 8 runs, 4 of them being HRs. The bullpen did it’s best to stop the run feast from continuing; allowing only 2 runs after Porcello’s exit. The Red Sox on the other hand were lead by Hanley who drove in 2 RBIs, while others followed. A comeback seemed to be promising in the 9th, but the Rays allowed only 3 runs in that inning and walked out of this one 10-5.

4/15: The next game, however, went to the ace for the Sox; Chris Sale. It was certainly fun to watch; he allowed 3 hits and just 1 run. But the stat of that game was 12; 12 strikeouts for Sale, truly impressive. But it wouldn’t of been impressive if the Red Sox lost this, but Sandy Leon wasn’t gonna let that happen;  grounding out in the 7th inning to second base, but Moreland scoring from third, securing a 2-1 victory for the Red Sox

4/16: Pomeranz struggled in this game a bit, but the bullpen saved him; 4.1 inning, 5 hits and 5 runs, but 10 strikeouts to add to his stats. Once the bullpen entered, they only allowed 2 hits for the rest of the game; Joe Kelly pitching for 2.2 innings and allowed 1 hit, gets the W in this one. Moreland helped the Sox with scoring 3 RBIs and late inning heroics from Vazquez in the 7th inning helped the Sox secure a 7-5 victory.

4/17: Looking to take the series; it was up to Stephen Wright, who had a shaky start, but in the end came through. He pitched for 6.0 innings, allowing 9 hits but only 3 runs. It was Benintendi who helped the Red Sox in this game; scoring 2 RBIs, with Betts and Ramirez helping to the score. 4-3 Red Sox as they take the series 3-1.



After going through all those games, a few things pop up. First is the improvement from the bullpen; a few games were a bit shaky, but for the most part whenever a starting pitcher came out the bullpen didn’t disappoint. The Baltimore game was a disaster from the get go, you really couldn’t blame the bullpen on that one. As for individuals, a few players come to mind; but two really stood out through those games. One is Moreland, who since the last time he was talked about wasn’t hitting the ball much. But now, he’s leading the team in batting average (.358), OBP (.443), hits (19), and 2B (10). Certainly he’s paying off for the Red Sox. Another player, who I wrote off and many others have as well, is Pablo Sandoval. He currently leads the Sox in HRs (3) and RBIs (10); something that if you told me a week ago would of laughed in your face. But here we are, he’s the hitter that we’ve wanted for since we signed him and it’s finally paying off. Maybe it’s a bit too early to get excited about him, but for now he gets a ton of credit for some of those wins.

One disappointment from that week is pitcher Rick Porcello, the reigning AL Cy Young winner. Currently he has a 7.56 ERA, currently leading the Sox in ER (14), hits (25) and is tied for giving up HRs (5). He’s started three games and has a 1-1 record. Surely it’s a huge disappointment for him to start out the season after being dominant last season. It is only April so he has time to improve, but right now he’s not looking so hot.


The Red Sox face off with Blue Jays, they already won 8-7 last night. Once the series is over there will be a recap of it.


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