Patriots make offer sheet for RB Mike Gillislee

Patriots make offer sheet for RB Mike Gillislee

Whenever you hear “Patriots make an offer” or “Patriots trade”, who do you think got the better deal out of it? The Patriots are trying to fill in the last piece to their already dangerous offense; turning in an offer sheet to the Bills for RB Mike Gillislee. He’s a back-up running back for the Bills, seeing how they have LeSean McCoy; but Gillislee has proven to be dangerous. He averaged 5.7 yards per carry, the best in the NFL that season, and rushed for 8 touchdowns. Because he’s the back-up to McCoy, he doesn’t see much of the field as he’d like to; but when McCoy gets hurt, he’s a running back that will make you sore the next day. Big, powerful, and speedy back has proven that he can be a starter in the NFL, and a team like the Patriots would love to make him the starting running back for the team.

It was just last season that the Patriots made an offer sheet to the Bills for WR Chris Hogan; and wow did that back fire on them hard. Hogan ended up tying Desean Jackson with 17.9 yards per reception, not to mention he set the franchise record for most receiving yards in a playoff game. Hogan became a fan favorite in New England, and the same could be said for Gillislee if he performs like he did Buffalo.

So what does this mean for the Patriots and possibly others if the Bills don’t match? Well it means it’s an end of an era for Blount in New England; it also means that Adrian Peterson won’t be coming here either. Gillislee offers the same style and force that Blount had when he was here; big back, can fight for extra yards, and can punish defenders who try to tackle him. At 26 years old he’s young, fresh, and has a career ahead of him. Adding Gillislee will certainly add to this scary offense and a back field that’s filled with potential already.

Now do the Bills match the offer sheet? Well that depends; do they think Gillislee is important to them or do they want another “Hogan” incident to happen to them? If I were in charge there, I wouldn’t let Gillislee go anywhere near the Patriots; let alone join their rival. If McCoy does go down again, whose there to fill the shoes? They do have a young RB heading into his second season with the Bills, Jonathan Williams; played in 11 games and tallied 94 yards his rookie season. He may fit in, but it’s not an upgrade from Gillislee.

All indications from Buffalo show that they may not want to keep Gillislee and have him go to New England. Though that may be a mistake for Buffalo, it’s certainly a big W for the Patriots. The Bills have 5 days to discuss until they make a decision.


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