My thoughts about Aaron Hernandez

My thoughts about Aaron Hernandez

Early this morning, it was reported that former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who was serving a life time sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd, was found dead in his jail cell. He had committed suicide by hanging his bed sheets around the cell window in his cell. Once it was discovered that he had attempted committed suicide, police quickly rushed Hernandez to a nearby hospital; where there he would be pronounced dead. This was just 5 days after he was found not guilty for the double murder he was accused on in Boston

This is a tragedy for family and friends who knew Hernandez best. In any case our thoughts and prayers should go to them to get through this difficult time.

With that said, I can’t sit here and say that Hernandez deserves to be in a better place. He killed Odin Lloyd and for all we know he may of killed those men in Boston too; just not enough evidence. Would you want someone who killed your friend/family member to be in a better place if he/she were to do the same? Honestly, I wouldn’t; though I wouldn’t want them to commit suicide, rather have him/her rot in a jail cell for the rest of their life. Hernandez killed a man (possible men), and you think he’s going to wait at the pearly gates of heaven and just walk in? If you do you’re absolutely out of your mind.

Sure he grew up with a tough life; gang affiliated life to be specific. But Hernandez was “a waste of pure talent”; he was a national champion and one of the nations best tight ends at Florida University, he was drafted by the Patriots and put into stardom, he and Gronk were basically the best tight end duo this league had ever seen. And just like that, *puff*, it was gone. He never left behind that gang life, he was too attached to it. He made two mistakes in his life; having a gun and using the gun to kill innocent people. Now I’m not here to talk about politics and gun controversies with you; but Hernandez should of left that all behind the moment he was drafted into the NFL.

You can debate all you like, but in the end Hernandez messed up. It’s not anyone’s responsibility to take care of him or to make sure his past doesn’t catch up to him. He pulled the trigger, he pays the price. I’m not saying his suicide attempt is the price, I wanted him to rot in jail and punish him for his crimes; that’s the true price. Sure some people have been a little hypocritical about post saying “RIP”, I can’t say I disagree with them either. He killed someone in cold blood, why should I say “RIP” to him when I know he killed an innocent man who had so much to live for?

I can be forgivable and send thoughts and prayers to his family because they didn’t want any of this; they want their son/father/uncle to achieve in life. It’s not their fault he turned out this way; he went down that road and never looked back. It’s unfortunate that it turned out this way; that he left their lives too early.

I’m not glad that Hernandez is dead, I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone and their families. But that fact of the matter is this; he may of never ended up in this situation had he left his gang life behind him. He knew better (at least I thought he would of) to leave that past behind him and to be a future NFL star. Instead he kill Lloyd and his whole life got turned upside-down.

I can’t defend him and say he deserves a better place after that, I can’t. I hope his family gets through this tragedy and hope everything works out for them in the future.


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