Malcolm Butler signs tender, now what happens?

Malcolm Butler signs tender, now what happens?

The wait is over, Malcolm Butler signed his RFA tender and will be on the roster for the Patriots in 2017. Seeing how the deadline was coming up, he had no other option but to sign that tender; giving him $3.91 salary for the year. But now is the interesting part; now that he’s signed the tender, what happens next?

Surely that’s being asked around by many, including Butler himself. Reports are saying that he’s heading to New Orleans and that the Patriots will be getting back the 32nd pick. Others are saying that the Patriots should trade him to Seattle for Sherman. There are a lot of possibilities here, and frankly no one knows. The Patriots in all likelihood will look for a trade partner; whether it’s the Saints or Seattle. What we’ll be getting for him, that’s another discussion.

The Patriots are likely looking for 1st round picks; whether its the 32nd or 11th pick from New Orleans. Though New Orleans have said they won’t trade the 11th pick; that doesn’t mean come draft day, Bill won’t pick up that phone and give the Saints one last chance to give up that pick for Butler.  It’s methodical and so Belichick like, but the Saints are trying to win a Super Bowl while Brees is still there.

There’s also no way Seattle will be accepting a Butler for Sherman trade; they want a first round pick, a “Revis to Tampa Bay” trade that the Jets did awhile back. Seeing how the Patriots don’t have that pick or any picks in the first round at all, that ship may have sailed already. If anything they would need the Saints 11th picks or if they decide to trade Garappolo to Cleveland for a package of first round picks, then it’s a possibility. But otherwise, don’t expect to see Butler heading to the Seahawks.

So if nothing happens, then Butler will be with us in 2017 and whether Belichick wants to use the franchise tag on Butler or Garappolo will be determined. If you ask me, they should try one more time to trade Butler for the 11th pick; nothing less. If they still offer the 32nd pick, I say you keep Butler and see what happens in 2017. The draft class is filled with potential CBs and you still have a CB like Revis still unsigned; the Patriots need to be smart about trading Butler.

The NFL Draft is coming up; and with Butler seemingly on the trade block, the offers should be coming in very soon.


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