Bruins fall again in OT, questionable penalty costs them

Bruins fall again in OT, questionable penalty costs them

With a 3-0 lead in the second period, Ottawa seemed to be heading in the right direction in Game 3. Then, all of sudden, the Bruins scored 3 goals in the second period and tied the game 3-3. Heading into overtime the momentum seemed to be in favor of the Bruins, given the way they were playing. But a questionable penalty gave Ottawa a power play, and just like Game 2, they scored in OT and won 4-3.

It seemed like Rask was out of it in the first and second period; giving up goals in the first  period within 25 seconds of each other, giving Ottawa a 2-0 lead at the end of the first. Then in the second Ottawa scored on a power play and increased their lead 3-0. It seemed to be over, but the Bruins didn’t give up; Acciari, Backes, and Pastrnak all scored for the Bruins in the second period, helping the Bruins come back in this one. In the third period, it was a goalie battle for the most part; Anderson and Rask flashing the pads, making unbelievable saves, keeping this game tied and sending it into overtime.

In overtime there was a questionable call that the refs made that put Ottawa on the power play. After Bobby Ryan lost his stick on the boards, he took a shot at Riley Nash; to the head no less. No penalty was called on that hit. With out hesitation, Nash took a swipe at Ryan, still without his stick, and the refs saw that and Nash got a roughing penalty. Soon after the penalty was enforced, Ottawa went on the power play and ended the game with pass from Erik Karlsson to Bobby Ryan to end overtime; giving Ottawa a 2-1 series lead.

There can be a lot said on why the Bruins lost; defense in the first two periods, Rask wasn’t focused until Bruins showed life of coming back, lack of offense until the mid way point of the second period, anything you can think of. In the end, the refs did a horrible job officiating this game. Ottawa players were basically taking shots at Bruins heads, even after the whistle blew. Some were called, but for the most part the refs didn’t call anything. Even in OT when Nash took a swipe at Ryan, they saw and called that; but not the shot that Ryan gave to Nash before that. Not every game will be officiated perfectly, I can understand that; but if you’re gonna call a roughing penalty on Nash for what he did, give it to Ryan as well. It was a shot to the head; Ryan’s elbow hit Nash essentially and the refs just let that one go. But a swipe to the face, yeah we’ll call that instead.

The Bruins may of never been in this position had they let up 3 goals, but that’s the way it went and we just have to deal with it. Now down 2-1 in the series, the Bruins need to forget that and focus on Game 4. If they go back to Ottawa down 3-1, it would be very tough to win that series. Game 4 will essentially determine their playoff fate; if they tie it they have a chance, if they lose, well it may be time to switch over to the Celtics/Sox.

Bruins look to tie this series on Wednesday night in Boston, hoping for a better outcome and better officiating.


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