Bruins lead collapses, fall to Senators in OT.

Bruins lead collapses, fall to Senators in OT.

As though it seemed that the Bruins would be heading back to Boston with a 2-0 lead in this series, a 3-1 lead heading into the 3rd period seemed to disappear and lost to the Senators 4-3 in overtime. The Bruins had two good periods of hockey; getting a PPG from Bergeron, a short handed goal from Schaller, thanks to the Anderson’s leaving the net to pass the puck, and Stafford netted a goal as well. Offensively the Bruins seemed to have the momentum heading into the third. Then the defensive broke down and Ottawa came back.

The third period comeback for Ottawa started with a blue line goal from Wideman; a good clean shot that somehow got past Rask. Then 2 minutes later, with the Bruins defense skating all over the place, they left a wide open Brassard to the left of Rask to score a wide open goal; tying the game 3-3. Soon this game would go to overtime, as the Bruins would have to start this OT with Ottawa on a power play; thanks to Chara’s delay of game. Soon after they killed the power play, Dion Phaneuf scored the game winner from the blue line, knotting the series 1-1 heading to Boston.

It seems that the Bruins got a bit too comfortable and opened the door for Ottawa to come back in this one. To start off, Adam Mcquaid got added to the list of injured Bruins defensemen; leaving the Bruins once again with 5 healthy defensemen playing in this game. Rask, like the Bruins offense, played well through two periods. It was when the third period started was when Rask played crappy. I won’t judge him on the Brassard goal, seeing how he was wide open and there was nothing Rask could of done. But those blue line goals that Ottawa got could of been saved, not to mention he tracked the Wideman goal and it still got through him. He did look slow through this game, some of the goals it seemed like he was a second behind; like his reaction time was slowed down.

Regardless of what happened, the Bruins let Ottawa right back in this game and the momentum has swung right to the Senators. Now heading back to Boston for Game 3, this is a must win game for the Bruins. Offensively they need to keep doing what they’ve done throughout this series, nothing changes there. As for the defense, stay as healthy as you can; we cannot have 5 defensemen play every game, let alone it looks like Chara is gonna collapse due to the minutes he’s played. As for Rask, he needs to be laser focused; he needs to be quicker, smart, and all-in-all stop every puck that comes his way, even if he thinks it’s not going to hit the net. Rask is the key player in this game and for the rest of the series.

The Bruins play tomorrow night at 7pm, hoping to take the series lead and the momentum in this series.


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