Is Marshawn Lynch on his way to New England?

Is Marshawn Lynch on his way to New England?

Another Seahwak (former Seahawk rather) has reportedly had interest in playing for New England. Retired running back Marshawn Lynch has been rumored to come out of retirement and play for a contender. First he was reported to play for his home town of Oakland; the Raiders. Now there are rumors about if talks with the Raiders fall, then Lynch would consider playing for the Patriots; seeing how they still need an actual running back. At 30 years old he’s been known for being a power running back and running all over players whenever the ball is in his hands.

First it was Richard Sherman that was rumored on coming here, now it’s Marshawn Lynch. It seems that everyone wants to come here, and you really can’t blame them. But like the Sherman situation, there’s a catch to this one as well. When Lynch retired, he still had 2 years left on his contract with the Seahawks. If Lynch were to come out of retirement, the Seahawks would have to retain the remains of his contract; which was $9 million this year, and $7 million base salary and $3 million roster bonus.  So if a trade is in place, the Seahawks will most likely want that team to agree to take on that contract.

Now once again, the Patriots are stuck in a situation where if they were interested in Lynch, they’d have to pick up his contract. We don’t even know if the Patriots are in the run for Marshawn Lynch; with the Raiders still looking for a running back, it’s hard to believe that the Raiders would pass up on this one. Even if the Seahawks were to release Lynch (which could very well happen), chances are Lynch goes to the Raiders because that was his #1 destination in the first place.

If the Patriots were serious about getting Lynch, they’d either have to commit about picking up that $9 million contract or wait for the possibility that he becomes a free agent and offer him a contract to his liking. We don’t have a clear answer on how much he wants if he does become a free agent, but my guess is that it will be high. He’s in his 30s, he took a year off so he’s fresh, and he knows what he’s capable of when he runs the ball.

We don’t even know if the Patriots want Lynch seeing how they can still get Blount, or possibly Peterson, for a cheaper price. Rumors are rumors, we don’t truly know what Lynch wants (seeing how he rarely talks). I don’t think the Patriots will jump all over this just yet because of his contract; but if he becomes a free agent, I feel like the Patriots will jump on that if possible.


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