Richard Sherman to the Patriots? It could happen.

Richard Sherman to the Patriots? It could happen.

According to multiple sports outlets, the Patriots and Seahawks have mutal interest about trading cornerback Richard Sherman to the Patriots. The only catch here is that the Patriots would only get serious about trading for Sherman if they were to lose Malcolm Butler. Whether he get’s traded or a team is willing to sign an offer sheet for him, Malcolm Butler has until April 21st to sign his tender.

This comes has a shocker for NFL fans; imagine having Sherman and Gilmore on opposites sides of the field, it would be unfair to the whole league. The fact that the Patriots would even be interested in Sherman is surprising too; they usually don’t pursue high profiled players like Sherman. Sherman has trashed talked us in the past, but at the same time has praised Belichick and how he runs his team.  If anything Sherman would like the idea of coming to New England, but that’s not his choice to make.

It’s unclear what the Seahawks want in return for Sherman, possible 1st round picks or another high profiled player as well. The Seahawks traded away Max Unger for Jimmy Graham a couple of years back; while Graham has contributed to that offense, the offensive line for the Seahawks has never looked the same. Now they’re willing to trade possibly the best shutdown corner in the game for picks? It’s just confusing as to why the Seahawks are willing to trade someone that talented for draft picks (if that is the case). He does trash talk a lot and does have an attitude problem, but he makes up for that on the field.

So how can the Patriots get Sherman if they have no draft picks in the first two rounds? Well there could be a couple of ways. First possiblity is that you trade Butler for Sherman; maybe add something else to the trade as well, but at least the Seahawks are getting a replacement cornerback whose young. That may not be the case though because the Patriots would only want Sherman if they were to lose Butler. Which brings us up to the second possibility; the Patriots, Saints, and Seahawks in a three way trade. The Patriots trade Butler to the Saints, the Seahawks trade Sherman to the Patriots, and the Saints trade a first round draft pick (11th or 32nd overall depending) to the Seahawks. That could be the likely scenario, though whether or not the Saints are willing to give the 11th pick overall away is the question. We know the Seahawks would love that pick, but the Saints would like to keep it because they’re in rebuilding phase.

As much as I like Butler, I wouldn’t mind Sherman in a Patriots uniform. Sherman has proven that he’s a shutdown corner; and with both Gilmore and Sherman, we’d be the scariest secondary in the league. Butler has a ton of potential to be a great cornerback, but if he’s been trying to get out of New England because he’s not getting paid, and you have a shot at getting Sherman, then why not pull the trigger and make it happen? I know the Patriots want to keep Butler, but there’s been no reports saying that the Patriots have reached out and have talked to him.

If the Patriots are truley interested in Sherman, then they might need the Saints help on this on. I can’t see the Seahawks accepting a Butler for Sherman trade; they need to include draft picks, 1st or 2nd round picks. The Saints have two first round picks, at least one of them could be used in that three way trade.

Sherman could well be a New England Patriots before or during the draft, the Patriots just have to figure out how to get him.


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