Adrian Peterson to meet with Patriots

Adrian Peterson to meet with Patriots

NFL insider Ian Rapport has reported that free agent running back Adrian Peterson will meet with the Patriots on Monday. Peterson has met with the Seahawks, but seeing how they just signed Eddie Lacy the Seahawks may not need him. This will be Peterson’s second free agent meeting with a team.

As shocked as I am to hear that Peterson is meeting with the Patriots, what other choices does he have? We all kept hearing Raiders or Tampa Bay or Green Bay, but now Peterson is visiting with New England. And can you blame him? He wants a championship before he calls it a career, and where else can you guarantee that?

If you look at the NFC, it’s always a fight; with the Cowboys, Falcons, Packers, Seahawks, and others who try to fight to go onto the Super Bowl, it’s very different in the AFC. The Patriots always are favored, every other team in there either has QB issues or just some general problem. They have Brady and Belichick still there, and they have probably one of the best offenses in the league now. Overall they’re a well balanced “super team”.

I’ve said in post before that we don’t need Peterson; not because of the allegations on his child abuse, but because he carries injuries and he 32. Whether he’ll get playing time with us or not is still a question if he ends up signing with us. You still got Lewis and White coming out of the backfield and the gameplan changes every week.

If he’s just looking for a championship and he can be valuable to us, then I’d say give him a shot; but if he’s just gonna ride the bench, rush for 500 yards and be a bum and is only here for a ring then don’t sign him. I’m sure he’ll work his butt off everyday but if he’s not reliable to the Belichick system then why have him at all? Just a waste of a roster spot and money (depending how much he’s asking for).

Whether the Patriots will offer him a contract after the meetings is highly unlikely, unless Belichick does need him (which I don’t see). Peterson is just hear for a visit and I don’t see him signing a contract without seeing what other options he has. Also have to realize that the draft is coming up and a ton of potential young running backs are in there. What Belichick wants to do is still a mystery.

More reports will come out for sure on Monday on Peterson’s visit and hopefully have more details on how it went.


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