My thoughts: Goodell will attend season opener at Gillette

My thoughts: Goodell will attend season opener at Gillette

It was confirmed today that Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, will attend the season opener at Gillette Stadium, home to the New England Patriots. This is his first visit to the stadium since DeflateGate; a scandal that resulted in the suspension of QB Tom Brady for 4 games. This had many Patriots fans outraged and since has made Goodell public enemy #1 in New England.

This may not seem like huge news around the country, but for us fans in New England; it’s bigger than anything. We’ve waited for this day for a very long time after the DeflateGate suspension was put on Brady; inconclusive evidence, poor investigation, and just overall a waste of money to get the verdict of “more probable than not he knew about the deflation of the footballs”.

Goodell hasn’t been great when it comes to investigations; the Ray Rice incident, the Greg Hardy incident, heck even suspending players for possession of marijuana has been questionable (except Josh Gordon). Overall Goodell hasn’t had a good reputation as the commissioner of the league and some owners have wanted to get rid of him.

Now to the part of his visit to Gillette, a day he’s tried to avoid for so long. Ever since DeflateGate, he hasn’t even stepped foot in New England and has tried to make up excuses to not go.  Just like this year, he decided to attend the NFC Championship Game in Atlanta than New England, after just being in Atlanta for the divisional game. He has said on record that because he hasn’t attended Gillette is because he “hasn’t gotten an invite”. But he’s the commissioner of the league; he doesn’t need an invite, he just has to tell the owner of that team that he’s attending. Even when we had the season opener against the Steelers, our celebration of Super Bowl 49, he didn’t attend as well. Now he’s out of excuses, now he has no choice but to show his face in New England and face the fans that will boo him until he leaves.

My opinion on this visit is that this is a sign of defeat for Roger Goodell. For so long he hasn’t want to come to a game at Gillette; he didn’t want this day to come. This is a sign of defeat, a sign that he has lost this battle with Kraft and company; that his punishment is for him to be put up on the jumbo tron for a minute and hear the rain of boos come at him while he cries in sorrow. We all saw how he “scurried away” off the podium at Super Bowl 51 after hearing the rain of boos; just think about it at Gillette Stadium with thousands upon thousands of Patriots fans. We might break a record for “the loudest boos” in a stadium ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was put up on the jumbo tron that he would get up and go hide in the bathroom. I would want him on the jumbo tron every commercial break if I was in charge of that too. I would want him to be uncomfortable in every way on his visit to Gillette; show no remorse for him after what he did to Brady.

Some of you might think I’m crazy, which I’m not; but more that this is a taste of his own medicine; suspend our quarterback for 4 games for a bogus investigation on the deflation of footballs. That’s fine, we’ll win a Super Bowl and you’ll be featured on the jumbo tron every commercial break as your punishment from us. Kind of evens out the score after what you put Brady through.

Patriots fans can not wait for this day, as if it wasn’t already. I hope to be at that game, but if not I’d be happy to see it on TV (if NBC shows it).


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