Should the Patriots trade Garoppolo or Butler?

Should the Patriots trade Garoppolo or Butler?

These two names, Jimmy Garoppolo and Malcolm Butler, have been flying through trade rumors since free agency started. Both have had an impact on the team; one filling in for Brady during his suspension, the other filling in as CB #1 after Revis and Browner left.  The teams interested in them are in desperate need of rebuilding and will trade 1st round draft picks for them.

So the question of the day is who would you want to trade? Jimmy Garoppolo or Malcolm Butler.

Both are key to the Patriots future; they’ve proved they can make an impact on the team, they fit the Belichick system, and are future young stars in the NFL. In the case of Garoppolo, he’s the heir to Brady when he decides to retire. Before he got hurt, Garoppolo seemed like a true NFL quarterback who can play at a high level. Though it was against bad teams, he still proved to be viable to Belichick.

Then you have the Butler case, he has yet to sign his tender so the Patriots can’t do much with him. He does want out (apparently) and he wants money. He’s been important to our secondary for the last two years after Revis and Browner departed. He’s been nothing but terrific for us and he’s been the vocal point of our secondary (besides McCourty).

So who do you trade? Do you trade Garoppolo to the Browns or Malcolm Butler to the Saints? If I was making the decisions, I would look to see who could give me their best offer. In the case of “best offer”, I’d choose the Browns.

I like Garoppolo, I think he has a future in the NFL, but next season is he’ll be asking for a new contract. In a league that’s quarterback driven, Garoppolo is for sure going to get huge offers that the Patriots won’t be able to match. The Browns have been looking for one for years now, and they’re willing to give up a ton; like multiple 1st round and 2nd round picks. If I’m getting offers like that, I’d do it. Sure Brady doesn’t much left in him and we don’t know how long he’s got left either. The Patriots are expecting him to play for another 3-4 years. If the Browns are willing to give up 1st round picks, maybe including the 1st overall pick, then the Patriots should take that.

The Patriots don’t have a pick till the 3rd round, they need picks. The Browns have loads of picks and if that means giving up assets like that for Garoppolo, then get it done. If Brady truly has 3-4 years left in his Hall of Fame career, then there will be plenty of QBs to choose from that the Patriots can draft; maybe possibly sign in free agency as well.

I’d rather have Butler stay with us and have a nasty defense than keep a back-up QB for one more year till his contract expires and teams jump all over him. The Saints are willing to give up their 11th overall pick (per sources), but that simply doesn’t cut it. We need more picks for a player that has a future in the NFL rather than “one” high overall pick.

The Patriots may try to keep Garoppolo on a short term contract, which is hard seeing how he wants to start in the NFL. As for Butler’s case, we really don’t know what’s going to happen with him. All these reports saying he’s leaving but other reports saying he wants to be “A Patriots for life”. Very difficult and still has time to sign his tender till the April deadline. Patriots fans will just have to sit and wait till anything “big” happens.







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