Would you want Revis back on the Patriots?

Would you want Revis back on the Patriots?

We are still uncertain with what Butler will do or what the Patriots are prepared to do with Butler.  With Gilmore as a lock for CB #1, you have to look at the other CBs on the roster as well. Eric Rowe, Cyrus Jones, and Justin Coleman are our other CBs on the roster, needless to say none of them jump out at you as being a “good CB”.

This brings up the question; should we bring Revis back to the Patriots if Butler goes to the Saints? Recently cut by the Jets after having possibly his worst season in his career, Revis is looking for a new home.  Some have reported the Steelers are interested, along with the Cowboys.  Revis has also openly stated that he would consider changing to the safety position as well.

Should we bring back Revis after seeing the season he had in New York though? It depends which Revis were getting. Are we gonna get the Revis we signed when we won the Super Bowl; shutdown corner, a leader, not being lazy when it comes to football. Or will we get the Revis from last season; blown coverage’s, lazy, getting burnt on routes, not committed.

If it was up to me, I’d give him a shot. He’s said that he’s lost 10 pounds and that he’s got a new trainer and all; which to doesn’t mean much to anyone really. But it’s a sign that he still wants to play and is capable of playing that the cornerback position. Belichick has a way of getting the most out of players who seems that their career is coming to an end. Some have worked in the past, others have not. With the case in Revis, it’s 50/50. He’s 31 years old and most CBs really don’t last that long, especially with all these young speedy receivers in the league.  What’s good for the Patriots is that Gilmore would fill that #1 CB role, not Revis. Gilmore is young, he’s fast, and he’s shut down some of the best receivers in the game. Revis would just be CB #2, not a whole lot on his plate as he’s had in the past.

Now one thing that’s bad about him; he asks for a ton of money. The Jets gave him that huge deal that ended up biting them in the ass after two season. The Patriots want to make sure that doesn’t happen to them as well. If Revis thinks that he’s gonna get a team to pay big money for a 31 year old cornerback, he might as well retire. The league is changing, teams have already committed to young corners who can keep up with these speedy receivers. If anything his asking price has to be cheap; either that or change his position to safety. The Patriots aren’t going to give him $10 million for a cornerback that is slowly deteriorating. If anything the Patriots will pay him around $4-5 million, if they’re feeling generous.

Do I think Revis has enough left in him to play at an elite level? Barely. If he’s CB #2 and not CB#1, I can live with that. There’s not that many teams with a good #2 wider receiver; maybe Atlanta, Denver, Oakland, and Tampa Bay (who we face next season) could challenge Revis with their #2 wide receiver. But if Gilmore gets hurt (god forbid), and Revis is CB #1, I’d be a little scared. After seeing the season he had in New York, anyone who’s looking for a cornerback would be hesitant to bring him in.

I would only take a chance on Revis if Malcolm Butler leaves. I would be fine with Eric Rowe being CB #3 and Butler #2. But if Butler leaves, Patriots should consider bringing Revis in and give him a shot.






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