Is Belichick up to something?

Is Belichick up to something?

Since becoming the head coach for the Patriots, Bill Belichick has made this team one of the great dynasty’s of the 21st century. The way he sets his team to win, the way he picks up nobodies and turns them into a superstar, and the mind tricks he plays with other teams. There’s no doubt that he’s been the greatest coach to ever coach the game of football.

With that said, there’s something strange going on this offseason. Normally the Patriots will just sit back and sign maybe 1 or 2 big free agents; then fill the rest of the roster with decent players that Belichick thinks can fit his system. That’s how it’s been for the last few years.

This offseason, however, Belichick has taken a different approach; signing big free agent players and trading draft picks away for superstars like Brandin Cooks and Kony Ealy. He’s firing all cylinders and getting these great and talented players. But why? Why is Belichick trading these 1st and 2nd round picks to players that maybe be on the team for one year? Why not draft the future of your team?

Belichick sees things differently than most people/coaches. We think we should get Adrian Peterson on our team,  but instead Belichick could go sign someone from the Jets practice squad and all of a sudden he’s a star. Think about the NFL combine, all these young stars and future NFL potentials; a draft class filled with potential stars than in years past. What if Belichick sees something else; what if he thinks these players in the combine aren’t “potential” and that’s why he’s trading picks?

When you think about you’re probably giving a puzzled look, “Belichick trading picks because he thinks none of these players are ready for the NFL?!? They’re rookies, of course they’re not ready, you idiot!!” As crazy as that sounds, would you ever question the mind of Belichick? We all thought that getting rid of Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins were huge mistakes, but we won a Super Bowl without them.  We all thought when we didn’t cash in on Wes Welker we wouldn’t have any receivers, but Edelman rose to the occasion and has produced for us.  It’s stuff that this that makes us look back during that time and think “Wow, Belichick wasn’t crazy after all”. That’s what makes Belichick a genius; he does things that we all think is crazy but in the end works out for the team.

Brady’s time is surely coming and we don’t know how long Belichick will coach either. Maybe he’s setting up to trade Jimmy Garoppolo so he can possible get a top 15 pick from Cleveland, a possible #1 overall, and give Brady a few more years to play. Maybe he’s setting up Jimmy Garoppolo’s future as a Patriots once Brady leaves and give him weapons to work with.

We don’t fully understand Belichick’s plan or what he’s trying to do yet. But he always has a plan, no matter if it sounds crazy or not. In Bill We Trust.


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