Day 2 of Free Agency: Patriots make some noise

Day 2 of Free Agency: Patriots make some noise

After a busy day yesterday, the New England Patriots continued to improve their team via trades.  As it stands right now, they have $40 million in cap space and have 3 picks in the top 120 in this years NFL Draft.

Here’s the rundown for today.


Patriots trade for Brandin Cooks:

Patriots were rumored in talking to the Saints about acquiring Cooks.  The Saints wanted a first round draft choice, somewhere around mid-round.  The Patriots first offered their 32nd overall pick, the Saints declined that.  There was also reports that CB Malcom Butler was being used in trade talks with the Saints for Cooks.  That all changed hours ago, when it was reported that the Saints would trade Cooks and a 4th round pick for the Patriots first round pick and 3rd round pick.  Butler was not used in this trade, so a sigh of relief for Pats fans for now as they get to keep the Super Bowl 49 hero cornerback.

Acquiring Cooks is huge, a speedy deep threat wide receiver that has potential to be a star in the NFL.  With the Saints he has had 1,000 yard season in the last two years.  Many considered him Brees’ favorite target.  It wasn’t till this year that Cooks was complaining on not getting many targets; it was then that the Saints thought it was best to put him on the trade block.

So without wasting any time; Welcome to New England Brandin Cooks!!


Patriots trade for Kony Ealy:

The Patriots traded their 2nd round pick (64th) to the Panthers in exchange for Kony Ealy and Panthers 3rd round pick (72nd).  Not really a headline trade, but this gives the Patriots some depth on the roster.  With the departure of Sheard and Long, the Pats needed some DE’s; and got one right here.  He had 4 sacks last season, which isn’t much but knowing Belichick that number may rise this season. This trade was mainly to add depth onto the roster, but none the less are getting a good quality player out of it.  Welcome to New England Kony Ealy!!


News on Patriots:

This morning the whole NFL world woke up to see an Instagram post on Patriots back-up QB Jimmy Garoppolo saying, “So grateful for my time in New England. Peace out Boston.”.  As it turns out none of this was true, it was simply a hack/hoax on Garoppolo’s Instagram.  It’s been confirmed that he has not been traded and the Pats have made it clear that he is not going anywhere for now.  The Browns are actively trying to purse him by offering picks to New England, we’ll just have to wait and see.

As for the Hightower situation, the Pats have the cap space to sign him to a huge contract he may want.  With $40 million they can sure sign him to a very large contract.  There have been no reports as of yet that Hightower has spoken with other teams.


First two days of free agency has been wild for the Patriots.  In years past they’ve always been quiet and sign maybe one or two big free agents.  But this year has been terrific for the Patriots; Gilmore, Cooks, Allen, Ealy, and more to come.  All the Patriots need is to re-sign Hightower and sign Butler to a long-term contract and the Patriots and suited for another Super Bowl run.  Tomorrow may be another good one for the Pats if they can re-sign their key players.


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