Patriots acquire Dwayne Allen in trade

Patriots acquire Dwayne Allen in trade

This evening Patriots traded a 4th round pick in this years draft for Colts TE Dwayne Allen and a 6th round pick.  The 5th year TE has had an up and down career with the Colts; this year he was outplayed by emerging TE Jack Doyle, who recently just signed a new contract. Last year he played 14 games and racked up 406 yards and 6 TD; half of those TDs might I add came from the Monday Night Game against the Jets.

So what does this mean in New England? Well it means two things.  First it’s the end of an era for Martellus Bennett in New England.  We all knew that the Patriots weren’t going to pay a massive amount of money for a player; we rent players and win a championship with them.  We don’t pay millions upon millions of dollars unless you’re important to the Patriots.  We have Gronk, sure he gets hurt season after season, but if healthy he’s one of the best.  So Bennett can go look for that mega-million dollar contract, we always find a way to replace key players.

The second thing is that Belichick is a genius.  While the whole league is playing checkers, Belichick is playing chess.  It’s just insane to think that we traded a 4th round pick for a TE that’s in his prime this point in his career.  Basically he’s playing Madden 17 franchise mode and has trading on “easy”.

Whether Allen will become a factor is a toss up. We’ve seen in the past that tight ends behind Gronk don’t get as many reps as they think they should.  Scott Chandler, Tim Wright, heck even Bennett didn’t really be a factor until Gronk went down.  Brady has to develop trust with you before he starts slinging the ball towards you.  Didn’t take long for Bennett, but I can’t say the other TE’s in the past got Brady’s trust that quickly.

I thought the Patriots would sign Jordan Cameron or draft a TE in this years draft.  But either way this is a great pick up by the Patriots, I don’t have an issue with it whatsoever; it saves us money for tomorrows free agency. Welcome to New England Dwayne Allen!!




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