Why the Patriots don’t need Adrian Peterson.

Why the Patriots don’t need Adrian Peterson.

Come Thursday, the NFL Free Agency frenzy will begin.  All eyes will be on the top free agents this year; Alshon Jeffery, Dont’a Hightower, Dontari Poe, Martellus Bennett, and many more.

One free agent everyone has an eye on is Adrian Peterson, the lifelong Viking that has racked up more than $100 million over his career with the Vikings. He’s looking to cement his legacy with a Super Bowl ring, something the Vikings have failed to give him during his time there.

Reports came out Monday that Peterson would be interested in joining the 2016 Super Bowl Champs New England Patriots.  With no sign/evidence that the Patriots will resign Blount, New England is most likely looking for a RB.

That being said, I firmly believe that the Patriots don’t need Peterson on their team.

To start, Peterson carries a list of injuries; tore his meniscus in 2016, hurt his groin in 2014, tore his ACL in 2011, so on and so forth. Coming up on 32 years old this March, he has around a hand full of terrible injuries.  If he goes down in 2017, you’re next two backs are Lewis and White; not backs that can carry the ball as well as Peterson could.

Next, the Belichick/Brady system comes into play.  We all know that the Patriots change their offensive game plan every Sunday.  One game they’ll rush the ball 30-40 times and pass 20-25 times, the next game they’ll only rush the ball 5 times at most and pass 40+ times.  My point is that if Peterson truly cares about “rushing” more than he cares about the “winning”, he’s not gonna like the system like the other Patriot backs do.

Lastly, I think the Patriots are better off with a big, tough back like Blount than a speedy, juke moving Peterson. Blount can be very valuable in the red zone; more or less 5 yards away from the goal-line.  He can plow through defenders and really move down field with open space. That’s not to say Peterson can do the same, but he can’t really carry guys like Blount can when fighting for extra yards.

If we do get up getting Adrian Peterson, then that’s fine. I don’t have much of a problem with it.  I’m just saying he’s not necessarily a need for the team when you still can bring back Blount. We already have a list of players we need to bring back if we want to repeat.

Come Thursday we’ll see what the Patriots spend their money on.


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